题型一  中译英


  译:In whose name is the banquet reservation made?


  译:The time for dinner is from 5 pm until 10 pm.


  译:How much would you like to pay for each person?


  译:Your bottle of wine is empty. Would you like one more bottle? 


  译:May I separate the dish for you?



  译:Do you care for something a little stronger? If you prefer something milder, there is rice wine available here.


  译:Have a good appetite, sir. 


  译:This is the complete course. There is dessert to follow.

9.您们需要再加把椅子吗? 。

  译:Do you need one more chair, please?.


   译:Would you like a glass of cold water, please?


   译:There are a large variety of ways to cook.


译:Your table is ready now, sir. Please come with me.


译:You have got a 10% discount for your Visa Card.


  译:This is our chef’s recommendation.



   译:To express our regret for all the trouble, we offer you a complimentary dessert.


   译:It takes about 15 minutes to prepare the dish.


   译:What drinks would you like to go with your main course?


   译:Would you like to sit near the window or by the bar counter?


   译:Would you like the cocktail on the rocks or straight up?


译:Here’s your bill. Please check it.


题型二  英译中 

1. At the dinner banquet Chinese food will be served and the minimum charge of RMB 80 Yuan is required for each person.

  译:晚宴将是中餐宴会,最低消费每位80 元,不包括酒水

2. What drinks are you going to have for the banquet? 


3. We don’t have any tables by the windows available. 


4. Let me just confirm your reservation. 


5. I’d like a private room for 15 people at eight thirty tomorrow evening. 


6. Could you give me some more napkins? 


7. Do you have vegetarian dishes? 


8. Here are our cold dishes, sir. 


9. We have fresh orange juice, apple juice, watermelon juice.  


10. What kind of tea would you prefer to begin/start with, black tea or green tea?


11. Chinese cuisine has a long history, and is one of the Chinese cultural treasures. 


12. A deposit of RMB 500 Yuan is required to secure your booking. 


13. Let me make you a special offer.  


14. Here are some complimentary vouchers for you. You can pay with them next time when you have dinner in our restaurant. 


15. It would be on the house. 


16. I’d like two T-bone steak and a rump steak for the main course.


17. When leaving the table during the course of your meal, put your napkin on your 

chair, not the table.


18. How would you like the steak done, rare, medium or well-done?


19. In American bars you pay drink by drink as you get it. 


20. The most common before-dinner drink is the cocktail, aconcoction of liquor and ingredients such as fruit juices, ice and fruits.



题型三  情景对话

1. What would you say to someone who walks into your restaurant for a meal? And how do you serve him / her? 

Answer: Firstly, I will greet the guest by saying “Good morning, welcome to our Restaurant.”, and then ask the guest if he / she has a reservation by saying “Have you got any reservation?” If the guest has reserved a table, I will ask for his name and check it for the guest. Afterwards I’ll show him / her the way to the seat. If the guest doesn’t have any reservation, I will ask about the number of people, seat preference, and then arrange a table for the guest by saying “How many people do you have?” “Will this table do?”

2. If a foreign guest comes to ask for suggestions about Chinese food, and he/she would like something hot and spicy, what kind of dish would you recommend? 

Answer: There are four major Chinese cuisines, or say, four styles. Each cuisine is distinctive with its own style and flavor. As the guest prefers something hot and spicy, I’d recommend Sichuan dishes are hot and spicy and taste different. Mapo Tofu and Yu-Shiang Shredded Pork are worth trying.

3. What’s the major difference between liquor and wine?

Answer: Liquor is an alcoholic beverage made by distillation rather than by fermentation. But wine is the beverage made of the fermented juice of any of various kinds of grapes, usually containing from 10 to 15 percent alcohol by volume.

4. Do you think the service of Chinese banquet is much simpler than that of a western one? Why?

Answer: No, I don’t think the service of Chinese banquet is simpler. Chinese are used to taking dinning as part of their culture, and while serving a Chinese banquet, we have to follow various rules. Although the working procedures of Chinese banquets are quite the same as those of Western ones, working staff should also pay attention to the Chinese dining etiquettes and provide proper services. For example, when receiving a wedding banquet, we have to serve hundreds of guests at the same time. It isn’t an easy job.

5. If the guest complains about waiting for a long time, what would you do?

Answer: First I would listen to his complaints with concerns patiently. And then I would say “Sorry to have kept you waiting”. Afterwards I would give him a solution by saying “I’ll check it right away. / I’m sorry, sir. We are short of help today. Would you like to have a drink first?”

6. While you are on duty, what would you do if the guest invites you to a drink? 

Answer: It is against hotel regulations to go out for a drink with a guest when I am working. So, I would first tell the guest that I am working, and I am not available for the invitation. And at the same time, I would thank the guest all the same.

7. What is your own opinion towards tips? Please state your idea in your own words.

    Answer: I think tips means that the guest is satisfied with my service. I know it is quite common in Western countries to accept tips from a guest. If the policy permits, I won’t refuse tips in case the guest would feel embarrassed. 

8. What is Russian service that is used to serve Western food?

Key: For Russian service, waiters go around the table and present large dishes of food to each guest in turn. Waiters will help the guests, or the guests help themselves, to as much or as little as they like. 

9.Q:What will you do when the guest tells you that there’s something wrong with the bill?

A:I will check it with the guest carefully. If there is a mistake , I must make an apology to the guest,and then bring the bill to the cashier’s desk to correct it. 

10.What would you like to say when the guest orders a cup of coffee?

A:Would you like black coffee or white coffee? / Would you like your coffee with cream or milk?

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